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Programme for Active Learning

PAL stands for Programme for Active Learning. It is an MOE initiative to address the greater emphasis on non-academic programmes for P1 and P2 students.

The objectives of PAL are to provide students with broad exposure and experiences through fun & varied activities and to provide varied avenues to develop social emotional competencies.

PAL complements Art, Music and PE, and it provides the platform for students to extend, reinforce and apply their learning.

PAL @Zhenghua
To nurture Confidence, Curiosity and Cooperation Skills in Students

Modules for Primary One
Modules for Primary Two
Outdoor EducationOutdoor Education
 Visual Arts Performing Arts - Dance
 Sports and Games Performing Arts - Drama


PAL modules engage pupils through their heads, hearts and hands. They are designed with the five characteristics in mind: 
  • Experiential in nature
  • Encompasses learning in a creative way – 
  • Provides opportunities for children to create 
  • Incorporates values education and social-emotional learning 
  • Fun and enjoyable   
These modules will enhance the total experience of students in primary schools in the moral, physical, aesthetics, social and emotional domains of learning for a holistic education.


  Outdoor Education


  Performing Arts - Dance

  Performing Arts - Drama

   Visual Arts

   Sports & Games