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The General Music Programme (GMP)

The GMP enables our students to listen, sing, dance, play and express themselves musically. The GMP in ZHPS aims to
a.    Develop awareness and appreciation of music in local and global cultures
b.    Develop ability for creative expression and communication through music
c.    Provide the basis to develop an informed and life-long involvement in music

Curriculumn Mapping for Music


Term 1

Term 2

Term 3

Term 4


Elements of Music

Stage 1


Ensemble Work

Zhenghua Sparklers




Elements of Music

Stage 2





Elements of Music

Stage 3

DigiMuse I



DigiMuse II



5 learning outcomes (LO)
The learning outcomes are organised around 5 Learning Objectives (LOs). All learning outcomes are addressed and learned in an integrative manner, where elements and concepts are learned through active musical experiences, such as music creation and performance as well as movement in music; and where the display of musical skills (listening, creating, performing), draw on students’ learning and understanding of musical elements and concepts.

LO1: Perform Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups
LO2: Create Music in both instrumental and vocal settings, individually and in groups
LO3: Listen and Respond to Music
LO4: Appreciate Music in local and global cultures
LO5: Understand musical elements and concepts 


Instrumental studies
The GMP in ZHPS offers a variety of instrumental studies to enhance the musical engagement of our students.
Music creating processes harness and develop students’ innate creativity within the context of music. Through musical activities such as improvisation and music composition, students will apply the musical skills and concepts that they have acquired through listening and performing, thus drawing a connection and relevance to all that they are learning.



Information and Communications Technology (ICT) in music

The use of ICT in ZHPS aims to enrich and support the teaching and learning of music.

a.    ICT tools are used to improve the level of student engagement in class, promote self-directed learning and facilitate the gathering of information and discussion. In ZHPS, students have access to musical resources via the Music Classroom website.

b.    ICT tools are used to reinforce musical concepts and skills. Software, applications and dedicated websites are available to support the learning of music beyond the classroom.

c. ICT tools are used to facilitate the creative processes. The DigiMuse modules utilizes Garage Band to help students perform specific music creating tasks such as performing, composing, arranging, recording and improvising. Students will develop basic skills in music creating while experiencing a more authentic process of music making.

Music Corner

Students are encouraged to make music in ZHPS. Free access to musical instruments in the Music Corner, located in the canteen, engages students in informal musical exchanges beyond the curriculum. Listening and performing are key processes in music education. Through listening, students experience new sound worlds. Learning to listen attentively and thoughtfully during performing and creating also allows students to reflect on their own works and respond to those of their peers and other musicians.


L.O.V.E Tunes

Music plays a vital role in almost all cultures and societies. Through a wide exposure to music from both local and global cultures from a young age, students in ZHPS will be able to gain insights to other cultures and be open to the different types of music available. They will have an understanding of the different roles musicians play in society as well as the role of music in different cultures. It is through this knowing about the music, its musicians, its role and value in culture, that musical understanding is deepened and contextualised for the students. Students part-take in L.O.V.E. (Learning Of Values in Education) tunes every Thursday morning as part of the L.O.V.E. series. The repertoire includes local compositions as well as popular music that the students enjoy. Students also sing original compositions by our music teachers about the school’s core values.


Zhenghua Sparklers

Through performing music, students will be equipped with the musical capacities to express themselves. They will be exposed to an array of music repertoire to expand their musical experiences. By the end of Stage Three (Primary Six), students will have played a range of classroom music instruments and can perform on a main melodic instrument (e.g. recorder, guitar) with good tone and expression. Zhenghua Sparklers is a platform created specially to showcase our musical talents from all levels. Through such performances, students build confidence and musicianship besides having fun.


North West Youth Concert

ZHPS Choir was invited to sing in support of the North West Student Support Fund. On the night of 20 July (Friday), Primary 3 and 5 students headed to Ngee Ann Polytechnic and sang to an adult audience of 300, including the guests-of-honour for the night Minister Khaw Boon Wan (Coordinating Minister for Infrastructure and Minister for Transport) and Dr Teo Ho Pin (Mayor of North West District). The choir serenaded the audience with two medleys: a Malay Folk Songs Medley and an Andrew Lloyd Webber's Medley. The former is a medley comprising two popular songs, Chan Mali Chan and Rasa Sayang. The rendition is a lively one that includes movement to highlight the playful spirit in the song. The latter is a medley of his most popular works, consisting of 'The phantom of the Opera from the musical of the same title, 'Memory' from the musical, Cats and 'Go Go Go Joseph' from the play, Joseph the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat. 

The choristers did the school proud by putting up a marvellous performance, much to the approval of the audience. The students also received compliments and invitations to perform on other occasions. More importantly, they had put in much effort to serve a good cause and should be proud of themselves for being active contributors of society despite their young age.

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