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Dance Arts Education

Dance Arts Education (DArE) @ Zhenghua

DArE @ Zhenghua – Dance Arts Education @ Zhenghua Primary School is a school customised dance arts programme, where students are provided with dance education during formal curriculum. It is specially conceptualized & designed to develop students in Zhenghua into ‘culturally vibrant’ citizens.  The school was the only primary school to be awarded the National Arts Education Award – Gold for her outstanding efforts in providing holistic education through the arts for her students in 2009 and the Blaze Award in 2013.DArE has been accorded the Programme for School-Based Excellence award (PSE) for its Cultural Dances from 2006 to 2012. In 2013, it was changed to the School’s Niche. In 2014, it evolved into the school’s Learning for Life Programme.

DArE has a strong National Education element, where students are exposed to dances of the 3 main ethnic groups in Singapore and other international dances. The intent is to encourage our students to embrace diversity. Students are taught fundamentals of dance movements and the ways to create dance movements in accordance to music. They are also required to choreograph their dance routines.


DArE Curriculum @ Zhenghua

Every student will go through a total of 40 hours of dance education in his or her six years in school.



P1  (Foundation year)

Free movement 

P2 Theme: Chinese Culture

Chinese Dance (Basic Steps of Chinese and Mongolian Dance) 

P3 Theme: Malay Culture

Malay Dance (Basic Steps of Zapin and Joget)

P4 Theme: Indian Culture

Indian Dance (Basic Steps of Bharatanatyam)

P5 Theme: International  Cultures

International Dance

P6 Theme: International Cultures

International Dance 

Besides the DArE lessons, dance education at Zhenghua is supported by Assembly programmes, Performing Arts CCAs and learning journeys.


Dance Assembly Programmes & Learning Journeys
The school makes a concerted effort to provide the exposure and experience to arts education through the assembly programmes. Students’ learning of the various dance genres are further enhance through these assembly programmes which are led by our Performing Arts Groups or   Arts Groups recognised by the National Arts Council. 


Apart from the in-house arts programmes, learning journeys to theatrical productions and arts institutions are organised for the students.

Dance Talent Identification & Development Programme


Talent Identification starts as early as P1 where talents are identified through the various avenues. These talents are then developed at various platforms to provide them with maximum exposure and experience. Their portfolios are built during their development process and are enhanced through certification processes and participation at national competitions. These processes are put in place to assist students to apply to their desired secondary schools under Direct School Admission (Dance).



DArE Ambassadors & Zhenghua Dazzlers

Besides providing a broad-based integrated cultural dance education for its P1 to P3 students during curriculum time, the school has also identified and developed a core group of young dance talents, affectionately known as the DArE Ambassadors, to be fully engaged in this particular fine art of dance. These 7 & 8 year old aspiring artistes have been growing from strength to strength. They have performed at numerous platforms such as City Dance Bliss organized by MOE, Arts Education Forum, and SYF @ Ngee Ann City.  They have even participated in International Arts Festival 2012 @ Genting Highlands and won a Silver Award. 

At the end of P2, the DArE Ambassadors will be channeled to the 3 cultural dance groups where their talents will be nurtured further.

DArE Ambassadors Performance @ Ngee Ann CityDArE Ambassadors Performance @ MOE Excel Fest 2013

The Zhenghua Dazzlers was formed when the school saw the opportunity to combine the unique talents of each of the 3 ethnic cultural dance groups. The result is an innovative fusion of eclectic cultural dance steps with contemporary movements of grace & poise. The Zhenghua Dazzlers has been ‘dazzling’ the Singapore’s community since 2006 with their inaugural performance at a local community club to public event such as the Singapore Heritage Fest 2008 at Suntec City. In 2009, they were invited to perform at Hong Kong Disneyland. Their performance was well received and it was given a special mention by PM Lee during his National Day Rally in 2010. In 2011, they performed in Shanghai for Singapore Day


Performance @ Singapore Day in Shanghai 

 All these public performances have not only provided platforms for the young dancers to develop their talents, it has, more importantly taught them the school values of Care, Respect & Responsibility. These are valuable lessons to inculcate & develop the Disciplined, Respectful & Ethical Minds of the children, eventually growing the child into a person of good character, & culturally vibrant.



Talent Development in 3 Ethnic Dance CCAs





Talent Identification 

Selection of DArE Ambassadors from DArE Broadbased Programme through assessment


 Talent Development

DArE Ambassadors will be given extra practices to develop their skills. They will be given the opportunity to showcase their talents at various platforms.

At the end of P2, the DArE Ambassadors will be channeled to the 3 ethnic dance groups.

P3 – P6

Talent Development

Dances go through the fundamentals in the 3 ethnic dances
Chinese Dance: Mongolian and Tribal Dance
Malay Dance: Joget, Zapin
Indian Dance: Bharatanatyam, Semi-classical
Dancers will also get the opportunity to be part of the Zhenghua Dazzlers.



Dance Advocates for West Zone 5 Cluster Schools

As a Centre of Learning for Dance Arts Education, the school has been organising W5 Cluster Dance Symposium since 2009.

The event serves to draw together members & advocates of dance education from the W5 Cluster to explore the role of dance in arts education as an integral & critical part of a child’s holistic development. It is also a time for like-minded individuals to share their passion & challenges encountered in their respective paths in championing arts education in primary schools.          



Dance Performances at ZHPS Arts OutReach Programme (Local & Global)

We firmly believe in using arts as a platform to serve the community through which we hope to develop a greater sense of rootedness in our students.     


Chat Time with Parents (CHiMES) cum Talent Night @ Zhenghua

 During SYF years, the school takes the opportunity to reconnect parents with our teachers and instructors as well as our young talents of the school’s performing arts CCAs.  Parents get the opportunity to interact with other students, parents and teachers involved in the aesthetics and performing arts scene in Zhenghua Primary School.

CHiMES also serves as a platform for the school to share more information on the SYF journey. It allows parents to have a better understanding of the Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Central Judging and the process of our preparation.

During the Talent Night, students showcase their SYF performance items. External Adjudicators were invited to provide comments for improvement on the SYF pieces. A simplified version of the SYF Judging criteria was also given to parent.

All feedback and comments received were given to the respective instructors. Instructors then used these comments to fine tune the SYF items.