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Every staff and student is competent in the use of ICT to carry out self-directed and collaborative learning in a safe and responsible manner.


Enhance the ICT environment that supports and guides all staff and students to be engaged in teaching and learning.

ICT Department Programmes


1)  P3 & P4 Code for Fun Programme

All our Primary 3 and 4 students attended 5 weeks Code for Fun Enrichment training.  During the training, students learn how to code on their own, to problem solve and explore alternatives collaboratively as a team.  Through experimentation, students learn to think of creative ways to solve the problems.  Other than developing academic skills, we believe this enrichment programme will help to build their perseverance and organizational skills

2) ICT Baseline Application in Curriculum

All students will have opportunity to acquire ICT skills in their learning.  Students at every level will have to apply the ICT skills taught in class and submit an ICT artefact to demonstrate their learning