Student Leadership

In Zhenghua Primary School, we believe that every student can be a leader. Zhenghua Primary School has provided 3 approaches to leadership.

  •              Self
  •               Peer
  •             Team

Self-leadership is amplified through our teachers via the pre assembly programmes. Our teachers use current affairs as well as their personal life to exemplified the 3Ds. This allows our students to know that 3Ds has always been part of our daily life.

We believe that everyone is a leader on their own. Each student made responsible decision to guide themselves through life.

The PSLE Journey is a special one for all Zhenghua students. In P6, all students go through the Nothing But The Best programme which consists of a three-day workshop, weekly talks and special sessions conducted by school staff and invited speakers/ trainers. This programme sharpens their Self-Leadership skills to prepare them holistically to go through the next lap of their education.

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Student Leader (8).jpg

Peer-leaderships starts with the classroom leaders. Each semester, different students are chosen to hold a leadership in class. In a year, every student in the class will have a chance to hold a leadership role.

Student Leader (6).jpgStudent Leader (7).jpg

Besides the classrooms, leaders are also chosen by CCA teachers. These students have performed well in their respective CCA and also display leadership qualities. Guided by their CCA teachers, these leaders will be able to step up to lead their CCA peers.

Team-leadership stretched students who have shown great leadership in their daily life. Students are observed and chosen by teachers to be the prefect of the school.

Student Leader (3).jpgStudent Leader (2).jpg

Prefects will be able to practice each competency of the Student Leadership Challenge model in various platforms in school. This enable them to understand the role of a leader and practice their leadership.

This year, the Student Leadership Challenge training is extended Peer leaders as well. This allows all Peer and Team leaders have a common practice in leadership.

Student Leader (9).jpgStudent Leader (10).jpg
Last but not least, the Prefect is also embarking on a journey to be independent with guidance from the teachers. Eventually, the Prefects will be a body on their own, this will allow them to be independent and self-motivated learner in life. 

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