Character Development Programmes

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Guided by CORE VALUES and facilitated by Social Emotional Competencies, we guide our 

students to Take Charge of their lives through having Direction, practising DISCIPLINE and 

being DARING in scripting their lives to ensure continuous GROWTH in their Character, 

Academics and understand of Culture - to be the best that they can be.

Activities during Racial Harmony Day

In line with Racial Harmony Day, the school organised a Field-Based learning journey for all Primary Four students to Little India on 26th July 2018. The tour provided opportunities for our students to understand and appreciate the rich cultural and historical heritage of our people, foster a sense of pride in the rich diversity of our heritage and share a common bond that will hold our society together as a people and a nation.

Indian Heritage Center:
15 minutes in the theatre to learn about the contribution of the Indian community in Singapore to the country’s 
nation-building efforts across diverse fields and occupations. It situates the Indian community within multi-cultural Singapore. 
The traditional food of India has been widely appreciated for its fabulous use of herbs and spices. Indian cuisine is known for its large assortment of dishes.

Students Experience, explore and enjoy the South Asian culture and heritage through traditional games.These traditional games are not only fun, but are also designed to develop skills such as critical thinking, concentration and arithmetic.

The girls had the opportunities to try on a Sari. Sari is a female garment from the Indian subcontinent that consists of a drape varying from 4.5 metres to 8 metres in length and 60 cm to 1.20 min breadth that is typically wrapped around the waist, with one end draped over the shoulder, baring the midriff.

Activities during Earth Week



          An assembly talk on water conservaion.                          All the classrooms and offices switched off lights and fans for  10                                                                                                                                minutes to show commitment to conserve energy.


P5 students using the iPads during                                                            "Conserving water is a way of life".
       the environmental trail

Community Recycling Outreach @Block 401-408 Fajar Road


                                         No matter how young we are, we can still do our part to care for the environment.



                                      The students and teachers would like to thank the residents in Block 401 to 408 for
                                                                             actively contributing their recyclables.

P4 Road Safety Ambassadors 

P4 Prefects has been nominated as the road safety ambassadors. We invited the Traffic Police to provide training for our P4 Prefects together with the Road Safety corner. 


The Prefects started off with the familiarisation of the traffic rules in the hall. Then they went on to practice their public speaking ability with a simple ice breaking game. 


The last part of the training program was bringing the Prefects to the Road Safety corner which was decorated with the 5 safety tips posters as well as the physical print outs. i.e. the zebra cross, 


the truck's blind spots 


and the zig-zag white lines to reinforce what they had learnt during their session.


Prefects and Chairperson Investiture

The Prefects and Chairperson also went through a simple investiture ceremony where form, co-form and subject teachers presented them


with their ties in the hall with the rest of the School.


3Ds Workshop - P1 to P5

On the first day of Term 2, the 3Ds Workshop was conducted for all P1 to P5 students. The session started with an assembly talk in the hall where the 3Ds - Direction, Discipline and Daring - was explained to the students. Stories of  Zhenghua students who had successfully applied the 3Ds were shared. Teachers then conducted games and activities to highlight the importance of the 3Ds in our lives.






Family Matters @ School

Family Matters @School is a holistic family learning programme - equipping parents with effective parenting skills and inculcating students with positive values and attitudes towards the family.

The School has embarked on this journey since 2009. Every year, we organise family programmes to equip parents with skills to bring out the best in their children. We also promote parenting programmes organised by MSF.

Through Family Matters @School, parents can also gain confidence in parenting skills and connect better with their children. Couples can also learn how to enhance their marriage and achieve work life harmony.

Details of the activities are communicated through letters and the School website. For more information, please email             Mdm Tina at

FTGP(Form Teacher Guidance Period)

The school's 6 core values and SE competencies are explicitly taught during our customised FTGP+ periods. Held every morning from Mondays to Thursdays before the start of academic lessons, our students learn the values of Care, Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Resilience and Harmony and the SEL competencies through both the school-based activities such as the Values Education and the 3D(Direction, Discipline, Daring).
Take Charge! lesson packages and the MOE-based lesson packages. These periods are also platforms for our teachers to build positive teacher-student relationships using the Transactional Analysis approach, and also to run our weekly and monthly Affirmation Programme of promoting, recognising and rewarding students' good behaviour.

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