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Every student has a lively curiosity about Science in their daily life, the environment and the society.


To guide students in acquiring scientific knowledge, concepts and methodologies, develop process skills in scientific inquiry and inculcate attitudes and ethics to engage in science-related issues as an active contributor and reflective citizen

Science Department Programmes

1) P5 Interdisciplinary Tinkering Project

This project for the P5 students aims to nurture the joy of learning and develop entrepreneurial dare in our students through working together in an open-ended task.

From term 1 to 2, they were tasked to work in groups to create a fun Science toy or showcase a Science phenomenon. At the end of their development cycle, they presented their learning prepared by them in a shared Google slide during their English class and also shared their projects with the P4 students during their recess.

 “Tinkering” in Action!!Showcasing their creations to the P4s 

2) P4 Planting Programme during Environment Week

In line with the school’s Environment Week, P4 students worked as a class to prepare the planting plots and sow the seeds to start a new planting season in the school. They had learnt the school values of care and respect and are able to put these values into action.

 Learning that their actions can have positive
impact on the Environment


2018-03-29-PHOTO-00000234.jpgActively contributing to the green movement


3) Learning Journeys – P3 classes visit Science Centre

Learning journeys provide critical experiences for students to connect their knowledge with the real world. Primary 3 students went to Science Centre to learn more about animals and their characteristics. The lessons allow them to observe real animals and reinforce the key ideas that they have learnt in school.