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Every student a thinker and a resilient problem solver.


  • To build a strong mathematical foundation in students.
  • To foster the joy in the learning of mathematics.
  • To engage students through various learning of mathematics.
  • To engage students through various learning experiences.
  • To develop reasoning and communication skills in students.
  • To give students opportunities to appreciate and apply mathematics in real life context.

Mathematics Department Programmes

P3 Math Shopping Day @ NTUC
P3 Shopping allows students to see the connection between the mathematics they complete in the classroom and the world outside the classroom. Students engage in decision-making, exercise adaptability and communicate their ideas during the shopping experience. The concept of money is also further consolidated and enhanced as students make purchases within a given budget for their group party which they have planned the day before. 


Play And Learn Math (PALM) @ Recess P3, P4, P5 and P6

To inculcate the love for the subject, the Mathematics Department organises PALM @ Recess for our P3 and P4 students in Term 1. The programme aims to engage students in fun activities through math games. It also arouses their interest in Mathematics, develops their logical thinking and creativity, and enables them to acquire and apply problem solving skills. The use of ICT has been infused into the programme. An educational game (which is installed into iPads) is introduced to the students. In this game, two students will challenge each other to get the correct answer in the shortest time. It allows students to practise basic Mathematics operations such as addition and subtraction. At the same time, as they challenge their peers, it provides them with Mathematics speed training which improves Mathematics skills, reflexes and concentration. There are also games relating to multiplication and fractions.

PALM @ Recess P3 to P6 ( 5th  February to 7th February; 9th April to 11th April)


P4 IP Trail @ Changi Airport Terminal 3

This year, all Primary 4 students participated in the P4 IP trail @ Changi Airport Terminal 3. During the trail, the students were exposed to mathematical problem solving in a real life situation. Students applied concepts learnt in the classroom curriculum to solve problems in the authentic situations. At Changi Airport Terminal 3, students had the opportunity to complete different activities at the different stations, use ICT as a platform to complete the trail and work in teams.


Math Olympiad Training with Investigative Skills for P4, P5 and P6

The objective of the training is to equip upper primary students with mathematical problem-solving techniques and a creative mindset. They will also be trained and honed for competitions such as the
RI Math Challenge and Singapore Math Olympiad.