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                           All students to be proficient in the English Language.


              • Acquire good language skills
              • Inculcate good values
              • Develop thinking skills

English Department Programmes

1) Occupations Day

Students will be exposed to different occupations and give a speech on their dream occupation. This will not only encourage the students to dream and aspire, but also motivate them to take steps towards realizing their aspirations at a young age.

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2) Read, Reap and Write

The main objective of this programme is to maximise students' potential in academic performance and character development. Students are exposed to thought-provoking excerpts from books of different genres and are engaged in discussions and activities infused with higher-order thinking skills, 21CC and the school values. They will develop to be critical thinkers and creative learners. This programme also inculcates strong character values and hones their social skills. Excerpts from books are chosen as an educational tool as they encourage independent learning, personal expression and creativity, thus providing an enriching, motivating and pleasurable learning experience.

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3) 'Live' Oral Demonstration

An examination scenario is created for students to listen to and learn from their peers. With the guided practice and immediate feedback given for students to recognize the attributes of a good speaker, students will acquire good oral skills.

4) The Librarian’s Challenge @ ‘My Tree House’, Central Public Library

The Read@School librarian conducted the Librarian’s Challenge for the Primary 3 students. The students visited the Central Public Library to explore My Tree House, a green library with a collection that encourages children to learn about the environment.

The Librarian’s Challenge activity consists of a talk on library services, a library tour and a book hunt. Tokens were given to the students who answered quiz questions during the talk. Students were also given some time to browse the collection and borrow books.

The students were excited to explore the library, engage in interactive activities and borrow books. The book hunt received an overwhelming positive response from the students as they immerse in the world of books.

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5) Library Week

Our termly library week exposes students to different genres of texts. Students are also engaged in various fun activities which hone their language skills.

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