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Healthy Meals in Schools Programme

Healthy Meals in Schools Programme (HMSP)

Dear Parents,

      “Research has shown that food preferences are generally acquired during childhood and that eating habits acquired after adolescence are more resistant to change.  The school environment plays an important role in nurturing and sustaining good eating habits. Most students consume at least one snack or one meal in their school canteen on most days of the week over a period of several years.” - Extracted from HPB website. 

      In view of this, the school has implemented the Healthy Meals in Schools Programmes (HMSP).  The HMSP requires all canteen vendors to follow food service guidelines which aim to encourage them to cut down fat, sugar and salt and serve whole-grains, fruit and vegetables in the meals; and serve healthy set meals. These healthy set meals incorporate food from the four main food groups – brown rice and wholemeal bread, meat and others, vegetables and fruit – thereby helping students receive the right nutrients necessary for their growing needs. 

       Following this implementation, the school is aware that prices of food sold in our school canteen have generally risen in tandem with the higher material/ ingredient and preparation cost.  The lists of prices of all the canteen stalls are available in the school website for parents’ information so that parents can prepare sufficient pocket money for your child/ children when he/she/they is/are in school.  Zhenghua would like to assure all parents that the school has performed a poll on the canteen pricing with several schools which have started the HMSP to ensure that the new pricing is comparable and falls within the same ranges as that of these schools. 

      Parents are also encouraged to download a copy of Parents’ Booklet for tips in nurturing healthy eating habits at home.   More information on the HMSP is also available in HPB website at www.hpb.gov.sg. Let us work together to cultivate a healthy eating habits for our students and your children.  Thank you.