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Support for SEN Students

MOE’s vision is for all students in every school to experience an inclusive culture, one where:

  • Every child can learn, and children with needs receive timely and appropriate support to achieve their full potential
  • Every teacher is skillful to support and manage diverse learners, including students with SEN
  • Every school has its own systemic whole-school approach to support diverse learners, including students with SEN

In Zhenghua Primary School, we aim to live out MOE’s vision by providing support for all our students based on their level of needs.

A Tiered System of Support is adopted in our school so that differentiated support customized to the students’ needs can be provided. We also has a team of trained educators who work together to promote inclusion of all students to participate in all school activities by providing customized support.


The School-based Dyslexia Remediation (SDR) programme is an intensive specialized intervention programme that is conducted outside of curriculum time for P3 and P4 students with dyslexia. Most students in SDR are identified at the end of the P2 Learning Support Programme based on their persistent literacy difficulties despite the additional support. This programme is conducted by trained SDR instructors in our school.


Selected students will receive social skills intervention to equip them to better understand themselves and forge better friendships and relationships to prepare them for their transition to Secondary Schools.