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English Language


All students to be proficient in the English Language.


  • Acquire good language skills
  • Inculcate good values
  • Develop thinking skills

English Department Programmes

Occupations Day

Students will be exposed to different occupations and give a speech on their dream occupation. This will not only encourage the students to dream and aspire, but also motivate them to take steps towards realising their aspirations at a young age.





Characters Alive

Students dress up as their favourite characters to do a presentation. This programme aims to arouse students’ curiosity in the characters found in the books that they read and instil the joy of reading.



Authentic Learning Experiences

A Butterfly is Born
Students will be captivated as they learn about metamorphosis and watch their caterpillars grow beautiful wings. Growing butterflies is definitely a fun way to teach our students writing.

Butterfly is Born_1.png Butterfly is Born_2.png
Butterfly is Born_3.png Butterfly is Born_4.png
Butterfly is Born_5.png

Making Ice Cream
Students get a chance to make ice cream after they learn about the features of a procedural text. Learning writing can be really fun too!

Making Ice Cream_1.jpg Making Ice Cream_2.jpg
Making Ice Cream_3.jpg Making Ice Cream_4.jpg
Making Ice Cream_5.jpg

A Meal with My Family
Students share how they have bonded with their family members over a meal. Students are encouraged to take ownership over their own learning, provide constructive feedback to their peers, and showcase their creativity in creating artefacts for their Show and Tell.

Meal with My Family_1.png Meal with My Family_3.jpg
Meal with My Family_2.jpg Meal with My Family_4.jpg