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Creative Arts@Zhenghua

As a strong supporter of the arts, the school believes in the power of the arts to nurture confident, creative and expressive learners. The creative arts is the school’s tradition and strength, and it is proud to have developed a distinctive approach that involves learning in and through the arts. Thus, the Creative Arts@Zhenghua becomes a natural fit as the school’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP).

Students are provided with a variety of exposure and opportunities to experience quality arts programmes with integrated values education that supports the students’ development of 21st century competencies. The school’s thematic and customised approach to the arts enable students to see connections and relevance across Music, Art, Dance and Drama and the other disciplines in the school. The school’s Applied Learning Programme, Inter-disciplinary Museum-based Learning (IMBL) programme, Physical Education (PE), Mother Tongue Language, English Language and Social Studies lessons employ the arts to allow students to build connections across the different subjects and develop an understanding of the world around them.

The table below shows the Tiered-approach to arts education under Creative Arts@Zhenghua.


Level /

Art Form








Primary 1

Unpitched Percussions


Western tradition

Basic elements of Art

Creative Movement

Drama in Curriculum (English Language & Mother Tongue)


Primary 2

Resonator Bars


Chinese Music Study

Basic elements of Art

Chinese Dance

Drama in Curriculum (Applied Learning & Mother Tongue)

Music, Art & Dance (MAD) Enrichment Programme

Primary 3



Malay Music Study

Museum-Based Learning (MBL) - NUS Baba House


Batik Art

Malay Dance

Drama in Curriculum (Mother Tongue)

Visual & Performing Arts CCAs:

-          - Brass Band

-          - Chinese Dance

-          - Choir

-          - Indian Dance

-          - Malay Dance

-          - Talent Art

Primary 4



Indian Music Study

Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning (IMBL) - National Gallery

Ethnic Fusion

Indian Dance

Drama in Curriculum (Mother Tongue)

Primary 5



Polynesian/ Oceania Music Study

Museum-Based Learning (MBL) – NUS Museum



Polynesian / Oceania Dance

Drama in Curriculum (English Language** & Mother Tongue)

Primary 6

Music Carousel*


Japanese/Korean Music study

Exploration of Social Issues through Digital Art

International Dance

Drama in Curriculum (Social Studies** & Mother Tongue)

* Students revisit the study of musical instruments previously learnt in preparation for Ensemble in Semester 2.

** Piloted in 2022 for a class in Primary 5’s English Language and a class in Primary 6 for Social Studies.

The infusion of the arts in the various disciplines also enable students to learn through the arts, appreciate different art forms and cultures, and develop creative and critical thinking. Students’ personal voice is also developed as they are given opportunities to express themselves through the arts. The school provides platforms for students to serve the community through arts performances and arts outreach programmes.

Creative Arts@Zhenghua is aligned to one of the school’s Strategic Thrusts – ‘Every Student a Confident, Creative and Expressive Learner’.

Overview of the schools Strategic Thrust 3 - Arts.png
An overview of the school’s Strategic Thrust 3, which focuses on the arts.

As students are exposed to Music, Art, Dance and Drama, they build confidence, and become creative, imaginative individuals with an appreciation of the arts.