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The Art department adopts the following big ideas that are presented in the syllabus framework. They are:
-    Art helps us to see in new ways.
-    Art tells stories about our world.
-    Art influences how we live.

These big ideas guide the design of the curriculum in our school. A spiral curriculum is designed based on the 32 artworks and learning domains of Seeing, Expressing and Appreciating Arts as prescribed by the Arts Educational Branch.

The learning content is enhanced through customising its curriculum to include Inquiry-Based Learning, Choice-Based Art Classrooms, Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning and Cultural Art Studies across the different levels. Our school also adopts the Artful Thinking Routines for art discussions.

Meanwhile, Art enrichment programmes support the curriculum in enhancing and engaging students with a keen interest in the subject.

Vision and Mission School Art Dept Framework.png
A framework depicting the Vision and Mission of the Art department in our school

Art_1.jpg Art_2.jpg
Art_3.jpg Art_4.jpg
The table below summarises provides examples of enrichment programmes that develop and further students’ skills in Art:

Primary 2
Primary 3
Primary 4
Primary 5
Learning Journeys
NUS Baba House
National Gallery Singapore (NGS)
NUS Museum/ Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM)
Broad-based Thematic Approach
Paper Cutting
Batik Painting
Talent Identification
Budding Artists
Talent Art

Enrichment programmes are carried out across the different levels to develop and further students’ interest and skills in Art

Learning Through Art - Collaboration with Departments and Organisations

In promoting Art appreciation further, art is integrated in other subjects to support students’ learning and understanding of concepts and ideas. The department thus, actively collaborates with various departments in school and external organisations to engage students and promote learning.

Primary 3
Applied Learning Programme (ALP)
Social Studies
Artist Talk by local artist
Primary 4
Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning (IMBL)
CCE, English Language, Malay Language, Social Studies
National Gallery Singapore (NGS)
Primary 5
NUS Museum

A collaboration with other Departments and Organisations to integrate Art with other subjects.

(a) Primary 3 Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The art making process in the Primary 3 Applied Learning Programme is conducted through a choice-based lesson setting. Through a series of lessons, students are given the opportunity to ideate what they have learned during Social Studies to create an artwork that advocates water conservation.

ALP_1.jpg ALP_2.jpg ALP_3.jpg

(b) Primary 4 Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning (IMBL)

The Primary 4 Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning is a collaborative programme between National Gallery Singapore (NGS) and our school. Through this programme, artworks found in NGS are introduced to our students. The valuable resources are also used to create meaningful connections between art and different curriculum studies.

For example, students are engaged in discussions of artworks to discover the connections across subjects such as English Language, Social Studies, Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and the Malay Language.

IMBL_1.jpg IMBL_3.jpg IMBL_2.jpg

(c) Primary 5 Ceramics

The Primary 5 students are given the opportunity to learn ceramics. Through our collaboration with NUS Museum and Asian Civilisation Museum, students learn more about ceramic trading in Singapore. During the lessons, different ceramic techniques are taught and students are given time to create their own ceramic ware.

Ceramics_1.jpg Ceramics_2.jpg

Art Gallery@Zhenghua

The Art Gallery is the pride and joy of the school. Completed in 2021, the gallery is a space to showcase the artworks of our students.

A set of gallery lessons are also customised for our students. They learn basic gallery etiquette and will be engaged in exciting lessons using the artworks in the gallery. A part of the gallery will also be opened to the students to learn how to curate artworks.

Art GalleryZhenghua_1.jpg
Art GalleryZhenghua_2.jpg Art GalleryZhenghua_3.jpg
Art GalleryZhenghua_4.jpg Art GalleryZhenghua_5.jpg

Art – The Co-Curriculum

The Young Budding Artists is an art enrichment programme specially crafted for our selected Primary 2 students. These students will engage in hands-on, skill-based activities that will enhance and develop their artistic flair beyond the general art programme.

Our young budding artists will get to enjoy a wide spectrum of creative processes. In the pursue of their artistic journey, they will learn about renowned master artists and their art movement. Whereafter, they get to explore the elements of various art materials as they create their meaningful artistic experience.

Students who go through the programme are then identified and encouraged to pursue their interest and hone their art skills further in Talent Art Co-Curricular Activity (CCA) at Primary 3.

Art Co-Curriculum_1.jpg Art Co-Curriculum_2.jpg
Art Co-Curriculum_3.jpg

Talent Art Programme

Budding artists are channelled to the Talent Art Programme (TArP) which maximises students’ talents in their art. Our young artists’ talents are further developed and nurtured. They are provided with opportunities to develop their visual literacy and critical thinking skills. Students get to inquire and discover various ways to interpret the various art concepts through deep discussion and meaningful art processes, and learn to make choices and solve problems when working on their artwork.

Our programme has always capitalised on different platforms available to give avenues for our students to present and grow in confidence, a desire of us to equip students with 21st Century Competencies. Our students get to participate in the various exciting platforms to showcase their artistic talent. They have always been involved in partnership projects with Bukit Panjang Community Club in their PAssionArts programmes. A collaboration with NGS also allowed our students to broaden their insights in the area of art genre and mediums.

Students are active participants in Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition and they have presented in Art Outreach, another SYF fringe activity, to showcase their love for art to the general public.

Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Art Exhibition

The Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) is organised by the Ministry of Education (MOE) to showcase the talents of the students’ work yearly. As part of providing experience for exposure at national events, our students participate in the SYF.

Our Young Budding Artists (Primary 2) and Talent Art students (Primary 3 to Primary 6) are given the opportunity to showcase their artwork at the recent Singapore Youth Festival Art Exhibition 2021.

Below are the students’ achievements at the SYF 2021 Art Exhibition:

SYF 2021 Category A.png
SYF 2021 Category B.png
SYF 2021 Category C.png
SYF Art Exhibition_1.jpg
SYF Art Exhibition_2.jpg
SYF Art Exhibition_3.jpg
SYF Art Exhibition_4.jpg