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Singapore Red Cross

The Red Cross Youth is a co-curricular activity (CCA) that integrates character-building, leadership, essential life-saving skills, blood donation knowledge and local community service in its curriculum, with the Red Cross ethos and service to humanity as a core focus.

Our Red Cross Youth Links are engaged in a training curriculum that consists of Basic Principles of Red Cross, Red Cross Knowledge, Basic First Aid Skills (Foundation and Formative), Health Laws, Community Service and Enrichment Programmes.

As part of our service to the community, the Links visit the homes for the aged to show care and bring joy to the elderly.

They are also involved in VIA programmes such as litter picking at our parks to build awareness and contribute back to society.

We also organise Inter-Uniform Group activities with the Brownies and the Cadets from our secondary school partner, Zhenghua Secondary School for basic foot drills training.

The Links also participate in Red Cross HQ events such as The First Aid Competition, Linkamania Camp, World Red Cross Day cum Enrolment Ceremony and Grateful Heart Fundraising activity. Our school had achieved the Excellent Unit Award for 2021.

Through involvement in the various activities and programmes, our Links acquire good life-saving skills and develop the value of care, resilience and confident team players.

Excellent Unit Award
Excellent Unit Award
Excellent Unit Award
Excellent Unit Award
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