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Rugby CCA is a contact team sport that is available in only 25 primary schools. In Rugby, an oval-shaped ball is used in the game and the ball is being passed backwards. It is one of the few sports where tackling is allowed. A point is scored by placing the ball in the goal area (try line). It is a fun and unique game like no other sport!

In Zhenghua Primary School, Rugby CCA is offered only to boys. During Rugby CCA, students will learn how to play Rugby safely and learn the skills needed in Rugby gameplay, such as passing, tackling, scrum, tackling and ruck. Students will get to build their confidence levels, forge new friendships, learn to collaborate with others and bond as a team through various fun activities.

In addition, students will be able to build their muscular strength, stamina, agility and fitness levels, keeping themselves healthy and fit. They will also learn values such as resilience, integrity, respect, collaboration and good sportsmanship. Proficient students will also have the opportunity to represent the school at the National School Games for Rugby.

Types of Activities

Fun games
Physical training to build fitness
Rugby game skills (e.g. passing, scrum, ruck)
Rugby game-play and tactics
Safety of the game
National School Games
Top 12 (Senior), 12th place (Junior)
National School Games Senior Division
Qualified for Cup Category
National School Games Junior Division
Participated for Bowl Category
West Zone Primary School Rugby Championships Senior Division
1st runner-up
West Zone Primary School Rugby Championships Junior Division
2nd runner-up
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Rugby_3.jpg Rugby_4.jpg
*Photos taken without masks were pre-COVID times