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Brass Band

Brass Band is an instrumental ensemble that is made up of brass and percussion instruments. The brass sections are made up of Cornet, E♭ Horn, Euphonium, Trombone and Tuba. The motto of “One Band, One Sound, One Attitude, One Goal” represent the strong camaraderie that the band members possess, all bonded by the students’ interest in music.

During band practices, students can expect to experience and learn music holistically. Students who join are given fundamental lessons in brass instrument playing and music theory in a Junior Band. With progress, they eventually join their seniors in the Main Band and work hard and collaboratively to excel in their musical journey. Like all CCAs, Character and Citizenship (CCE) plays a vital role and students are guided to maintain good values, attitude and aptitude during band practices.

As a Performing Arts CCA, performances form an integral part of our programme. The Band performs during selected school celebrations to audience as large as the entire school. Occasionally, the Band also engages the community by performing in community events such as the PAssion Arts Festival.

Types of Activities

Instrument practice
Music theory
Full band practice
Junior Band
Certificate of Accomplishment
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