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Co-Curricular Activities

CCAs programmes develop Character, foster Camaraderie & imbue in students positive Attitude.

CCA strives to support the holistic development of a student, guided by the vision that every student is physically and culturally vibrant at the end of his 6 years in Zhenghua.

In Zhenghua, our primary aim is to seek and provide opportunities for all students via CCA program to help develop them holistically, in and out of the classroom, and ample opportunities to specialize and develop a student’s passion & nurture his talent to the fullest.

We achieve this through our 3E (Exposure, Enrichment and Excellence) approaches:

To provide students with a variety of platforms for exposure to the different learning experiences to realise their potential through CCA. This experience includes experiences for all, and experiences for your core team.
Skillset gained through active participation in CCA thus ensuring growth in their skills and knowledge.
Exposure to various platforms that would offer opportunities to enhance and further hone students’ skills. This may come in the form of competitions, performances, exhibitions at various levels (inter-school, national or international). Platform which allows students to perform the best that they can be, it is about their personal excellence.

We provide students with broad experience through variety of CCAs comprising of the 4 domains:
  1. The Performing Arts - instill in students a sense of graciousness and an appreciation for the rich culture and heritage of a multi-racial society.
  1. Sports - aim to develop robustness, fair play, and team spirits in students.
  1. Uniformed Group - aim to make good citizens of students by inculcating discipline and a spirit of service to others.
  1. Clubs - strive to achieve oratorical and communication skills, which fosters leadership, self-motivation, and personal growth.

After going through the programme, each student will:
    Develop strength of Character, foster Camaraderie & inculcate good Attitude;
    Have the opportunity to be immersed into a vibrant Arts Culture & be developed physically, where he can be gracious yet rugged;
    Have the resilience to withstand the challenges of life & the confidence to aspire & achieve in the field of his passion.

CCA Policy

It is compulsory for Primary 3 to Primary 6 students to take part in at least one CCA, which could be a uniformed group, a club, a performing arts group or a sport. Students are encouraged to pursue and specialize in one CCA.

Attendance is compulsory at every CCA session. A medical certificate or letter from parent is necessary if the student is absent.

Primary 6 students will have the option to stand down from their CCA from Term 3 onwards.

CCA Days

Most CCA will run on Thursdays except for Rugby which will be on Monday. This allows for other days to be freed for other school programmes and activities, in support for our school policy of a holistic education for our students. CCA with school teams may have additional sessions on the other days after school hours and/or Saturdays.

Please refer to the following CCA schedule:

Brass Band

Chinese Dance

Indian Dance

Red Cross

Talent Art
Malay Dance


Change of CCA

Students cannot change or terminate their participation in their CCA. All request for change of CCA must be made through SH/CCA. Parents can email to zhenghua_ps@moe.edu.sg stating the reason for change. If it is due to medical reasons, kindly support with memo from a medical professional. SH/CCA will evaluate each request on a case-by-case basis.

Our school is committed to nurturing the students to be of good character and equipping them with skills and knowledge that will allow them to lead a purposeful and healthy life. We believe through the CCA programmes, they will be physically and culturally vibrant.