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Student Management

Discipline is a learning process and our school’s goal is to teach students how to develop self-discipline and good character. With care, encouragement and space to learn from mistakes and improve, students learn well. Disciplinary measures taken by our school help students understand that their actions carry consequences, which helps them learn to take responsibility for their actions.

Through a whole-school approach, we build our students’ social and emotional competencies by promoting a safe, caring and supportive environment, teaching values and social and emotional skills, providing opportunities for students to exercise and reinforce good behaviour, guiding and re-orientating students who have erred in their behaviour and restoring relationships that may have broken down due to the behaviour.

Choices have consequences and students are expected to make amends when they make a wrong choice or misbehave. Using Restorative Approach, our school strives to mete out meaningful consequences to help our students understand the implications of their actions and to fix the harm done to others. Consequences meted out should address the wrong decision or misbehaviour, mean something to the wrongdoer, reinforce respect for school values and rules, help fix the harm done to victims and/or the community and involve stakeholders like the family, the community, and other groups.

Key stages in Character Development: Learn – Apply – Reflect

We believe that learning comes about not from doing, but from thinking deeply about what we do. Reflection is an important part of helping our students develop skills through linking and constructing meaning from their experiences. Through reflection, students who have made poor choices will take responsibility for their actions and will be guided to restore the relationships through restitution, resolution and reconciliation.