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Student Leadership

Tiered Leadership Structure

Tiered Leadership Structure in Zhenghua.png
Figure 1: Tiered Leadership Structure in Zhenghua

In Zhenghua Primary School, we believe that every student can be a leader of character. We provide opportunities for the development of every Zhenghua student’s leadership skills and potential through class, CCA and/or school leadership responsibilities and leadership training.

Tier 1
As part of developing each student’s leadership skills, all students go through a school-wide programme based on the 4 Leadership Practices that the school subscribes to.

As a leader of character, students are expected to:
  • lead by examplebeing a good role model and earning the trust and respect of others
  • serve with humility and caretaking good care of others and putting others before self
  • take initiative to make a differencegoing the extra mile and creating positive changes
  • influence others to do what is rightpromoting positive thoughts, attitude and behaviour

Students undergo explicit lessons during form teacher guidance periods (FTGP) to enhance their understanding and practice of the leadership practices. Packages are created based on their levels to ensure that the content and breakdown of the leadership practices are done at an appropriate level according to their readiness.

Serve with Humility and Care.png Leadership Practice 2.png

Tier 2
Class leaders include roles such as Chairperson, Vice-chairperson, Environmental Champions, Cyber Wellness Ambassadors, and Peer Support Leaders. They are selected at the start of each year and will serve as the main group of leaders in class. To help them better manage their roles and responsibilities, they undergo leadership trainings and work with the teachers to plan and implement projects that will serve their classmates and schoolmates.

Tier 3
Prefects and CCA leaders make up this group of student leaders. The students in this tier are also engaged in targeted leadership trainings to hone their leadership potential and skills. Prefects are role models to their schoolmates and are involved in the running of various school events such as Chinese New Year and Teachers’ Day celebrations as well as carrying out of duties such as safety duties. CCA leaders are role models in their CCAs and influence their CCA mates positively. Tier 3 leaders are exposed to more leadership opportunities and they are given the opportunity to initiate projects and contribute to initiatives that will serve the school and community.

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Tier 4
This is the pinnacle of student leadership in Zhenghua Primary School. Potential prefects are monitored since Primary 5 in order to ascertain that they have what it takes to lead the school and be exemplary role models.

At the start of the year, the Head Prefect selection is carried out where selected Primary 6 prefects undergo rigorous interviews as part of the selection process in order to be a Head Prefect. The group will then be narrowed down and the selected few will have to give speeches to the school population to share why they should be the Head Prefect. Voting will be done by students and staff before the Head Prefect is selected.

The Head Prefect and Deputy Head Prefects are expected to be able to rally their fellow schoolmates to create a positive impact. They will be in-charge of the school-wide values-in-action (VIA) project where the school will be encouraged to contribute to a worthwhile cause.

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Student Leaders’ Investiture

At the beginning of the year, the Student Leaders’ Investiture is held during one of the assembly periods. Student leaders are recognised and presented with ties and/ or badges, depending on the leadership role that they take on. Student leaders are encouraged to wear their ties and badges with pride. They are also reminded of the immense responsibilities that they will shoulder as student leaders and role models. Towards the end of the investiture, all Zhenghua students also recite the Student Leaders’ Pledge. This serves as an acknowledgement of each student’s potential and reiteration of the belief that every student can be a Leader of Character.

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