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National Education

Four NE core events are commemorated in Zhenghua Primary, namely, Total Defence Day, International Friendship Day, Racial Harmony Day and National Day. The commemoration of the four NE Core Events take into consideration the school’s total education framework where we seek to provide a holistic learning experience for our students through the Cognitive, Leadership, Aesthetic, Physical, Social-Emotional (C.L.A.P.S.) domains and the CCE’s Learn, Appy and Reflect (L.A.R.) approach.

NE-Values.png Learn-Apply-Reflect.png

A wide range of school efforts help students experience and explore their national identity as Singaporeans. Through the learning experiences planned, the school strives to inculcate in students a sense of belonging, a sense of reality, a sense of hope and the will to act. A strong sense of belonging, reality and hope motivate our students to be active citizens who love Singapore and make a difference to the school, community and nation.

Total Defence Day

NE1.jpg NE2.jpg
P6 Students applying what they have learn through the SGUnite! Card Game

Brownies promote the values in action based on the 6 pillars of Defence in the form of a BINGO Challenge

Students reflect their contribution through Total Defence BINGO Challenge.png

Students reflect on their contribution to total defence through the Total Defence BINGO Challenge


Red Cross created basic First Aid videos to promote civil defence.

Everyone Mass Dance.png
‘There’s A Part For Everyone’ Mass Dance

International Friendship Day

NE_15.png NE_16.png
Commemoration of International Friendship Day Talk presented by our students from various countries of origin

NE5.jpg NE6.png
Bookmark Exchange with MK Zhenghua

Racial Harmony Day

NE7.png NE8.png
Celebrating Diversity on Racial Harmony Day

Celebrating Diversity by Our Dancers.png
Celebrating Diversity by Our Dancers

National Day

National Day Observance Ceremony led by the student leaders

NE11.png NE12.jpg
Mass Dance during National Day


Reciting The Pledge In Class

NE13.jpg NE14.jpg
Students Donned in Red to Celebrate the Singapore Spirit!


National Day Long Service Award Winner: Mr Goh Boon Tiong


National Day Long Service Award Winner: Mdm Noreha Mohd Taib