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CCE Lessons


CCE (FTGP), School-Based Values Education, Education and Career Guidance (ECG), Cyber Wellness, (ECG) & Student Affirmation Initiatives

Explicit teaching of values happens during CCE (Form Teacher Guidance Period) lessons. These lessons also provide the time for teachers to engage and build relationships with their students through discussions and effective classroom strategies to help bring meaning to core values and key social-emotional competencies to better navigate the real world.

School-based Values Education (FTGP+ Lessons, L-O-V-E Talks)
Form Teacher Guidance Period+ (FTGP+) forms part of the school-based Values Education curriculum which envisions students to be leaders of characters. Social-emotional learning is an integral part of this curriculum as students live out Resilience, Integrity, Innovation, Collaboration, Care, Excellence (RI2C2E) values. During these FTGP+ lessons, students engage in school assembly talks followed by classroom activities. These classroom activities include discussion of scenarios that encourage students to engage in perspective taking and responsible decision-making by identifying choices and consequences. Hands-on activities are customised to different levels so that each batch of students engages in new experiences in ZHPS as they progress.

For example, for the value of Care, students engage in “acts of kindness” through a Kindness Bingo and for the value of Resilience, students engage in self-awareness activities such as the ‘planting’ of a Resilience tree. Students are reminded of the importance of support and that challenges are meant to make us more resilient.

LessOn in Value Education (LOVE) Talks are done weekly. Every Friday, classes and CCA groups are rostered to share with the school values-based stories and current affairs. These include care for others and even how to care for pets!

Love Talk 1.png
Love Talk 2.png
Love Talk 3.png
Love Talk 4.jpg
Love Talk 5.png
LessOn in Value Education during Pre-Assembly

FTGP 1.jpg

Discussion during FTGP

FTGP 2.png

FTGP 3.jpg
Teachers Facilitating Discussion

FTGP 4.jpg
Activities in Class

Dedicated FTGP lessons are conducted for Education and Career Guidance (ECG). For Primary 6 students, a series of Secondary School talks are planned to expose students to what different secondary schools have to offer. Teachers also share the WE stories - a compilation of stories from all secondary schools in the West Zone. Furthermore, FTGP Lessons are tapped on to share on alternative pathways for the upper primary students while lower primary students focus on appreciating people of different occupations.

Cyber Wellness
Cyber Wellness is weaved seamlessly in the CCE curriculum in school. In ZHPS, the Cyber Wellness principle of Sense-Think-Act is the cornerstone of the Cyber Wellness implementation. This principle ensures that students maintain a positive presence in cyberspace and be safe and responsible users of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).


In ZHPS, there is a dedicated topic on Cyber Wellness that is being focused on for each term, based on the broad theme “Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Smart”.

Term 1
Term 2
Excessive Use of Internet
Term 3
Cyber Bullying (Cyber Wellness Week)
Term 4
Online Gaming/ Meeting Strangers

The Cyber Wellness activities include an Assembly talk by P3 – P6 Cyber Wellness Ambassadors, who have been trained, followed by enriching lessons filled with discussions.

CW2.jpg CW3.jpg
Cyber Wellness Ambassadors during Training

In the classroom, rich discussions take place after the Assembly talk, followed by interactive quizzes and games during FTGP. There will also be annual Cyber Wellness Week, to help raise awareness and educate students on cyber wellness related topics through fun and meaningful activities. 

CW4.jpg CW5.jpg
Go Safe Online Pop-Up by Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA) at the Indoor Sports Hall.

CW6.jpg CW7.jpg
Cyber Wellness Bookmark Making Activity

Student Affirmation Initiatives
In Zhenghua Primary School, outstanding Leaders of Characters are consistently affirmed through the Student Affirmation Initiatives, namely, the monthly “Leader of Character” award and Caught DOing GOod in SchooL (COOL) Kids termly presentation where teachers affirm students displaying values. It is done in a slideshow format where captions, pictures and music are played throughout the levels, contributing to a vibrant school environment.

SA1.png SA2.jpg SA3.jpg
Leader of Character Award Presentation in Class

COOL Kids Presentation in the classroom

Take Charge! - 3Ds (Direction, Discipline & Daring)

Furthermore, students follow the 3Ds (Direction, Discipline & Daring) framework that helps to imbue the value of Excellence in terms of goal setting.

Guided by core values and facilitated by social-emotional competencies, we guide our students to take charge of their lives through having direction, practising discipline and being daring in scripting their lives to ensure continuous growth in their character, academic and to understand the culture – to be the best that they can be.

In all the activities planned, goal setting and reflection form a rich part of the school-based curriculum. This is done at the end of Term where students engage in self and peer assessment. This is aligned with the 3Ds.