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Applied Learning Programme

About ZHPS Applied Learning Programme (ALP)

The ALP at Zhenghua Primary brings to the fore, the core issue of sustainable living. We aim to develop “Advocates and Innovators for Sustainable Living” through our school’s ALP. It involves students in interdisciplinary inquiry-based learning, design thinking and value creation to address authentic problems related to sustainable living in collaboration with community partners.


Desired Outcomes of ALP

  • Joy of learning and students’ engagement
  • Development of students’ 21st Century Competencies and sense of agency
  • Greater awareness among students about the importance of sustainable living

School-wide Programme

The ALP is a school-wide initiative which taps on different window periods across the year. The themes progressively spiral as the students move from one level to the next.


It is Interdisciplinary in nature and focuses on getting students to apply their learning across subjects. The use of real-world scenarios and problems encourages them to transfer knowledge and skills acquired.

  • investigate the issues and work together to build their collective understanding of the issues
  • go on (virtual) learning journeys, make observations, collect and analyse data
  • apply their knowledge and skills to create new value through advocacy and innovation

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Key pedagogical approach

The ALP involves students in inter-disciplinary, inquiry-based learning, design thinking and value creation to address problems related to sustainable living in authentic home, school and community contexts.

The design thinking frame is used to support students in the process. On their ALP journey, they observe with empathy how people interact with their environments, and employs an iterative, hands-on approach to creating innovative solutions or bring across selected messages to their audience. Thus, the ALP projects start with trigger activities in students are guided to put themselves in the shoes of another person. They then collaborate to generate ideas so as to help tackle sustainable living challenges.


T(h)inker Space

Selected ALP activities are carried out in the T(h)inker Space equipped with tinkering tools and materials. The space seeks to allow for brainstorming, collaboration and tinkering to take place. It is an area where students immerse themselves as Thinkers and subsequently Tinkers. As a Thinker, they brainstorm new and interesting ideas. As a Tinker, they engage in the making process, working with their value creation in an experimental manner.

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Value Creations

We believe that our students have a voice and are never too young to make a difference. They advocate for their cause using their skills in the Technology and the Creative Arts domains. Each of them play their role as a concerned citizen and an active contributor when they express their innovative ideas, hopes and dreams for the future of sustainable living through their value-creations.

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Tier 2 ALP - Greenovation Club

The Greenovation Club was established in 2022. The CCA has a twin focus on green efforts and innovative practices. We welcome students who have a passion in championing for a cause in sustainable living and would like to improve the current state of affairs through innovating. In the CCA, they are exposed to STEM and tinkering activities through their commitment and participation in competitions and showcases. In the long run, we hope to nurture environment enthusiasts and solution-aspiring individuals.