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Parent Support Group

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The Logo And Vision 
The logo encapsulates the spirit of parents and school partnership where a child is able to aspire and grow to be the best that they can be under a caring & nurturing environment afforded by the collaborative efforts of parents & teachers, together with the community.

Our Mission

Through quality partnership with the school and active collaboration with staff and community, we strengthen the holistic development of every child of Zhenghua to be the best that they can be.

“Every Parent A Supportive Partner”

We believe that Parents can be our valuable partners in contributing towards strengthening the holistic development of our children. Zhenghua Primary School would like to cordially invite you to be a member of the Parent Support Group (PSG). We strongly encourage you to play an active role in our school by becoming a PSG member to partner us in our efforts to develop our children to be the best that they can be.

Mrs Constance Loke
Mdm Sim Ee Koon Patricia

Teachers In-Charge

Mdm Tan Phaik See
Mr Er Kim Hoe
Mrs Geraldine Ang 




From left to right:

Mr Jonathan Loh, Mdm Audrey Leong, Mdm Prdnya Bhimrao Gade, Mrs Raj Vimala Bai, Mdm Kelly Tan Mdm Puteri Indera Kesuma binte Mhd Dali & Mr Mohamed Jamaluddin

PSG Activities 

To join the PSG, please scan the QR code below and register your details in the Link.

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