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Principal's Message

Dear Students, Parents, and Friends of Zhenghua Primary School,

Zhenghua believes in the value of each and every child and the child's right to a balanced, enjoyable and happy education. Our responsibility at Zhenghua Primary School is to fulfill this mission.

Every child must like school, must like to come to school and have many good reasons to come to school every day.  Zhenghua will give our children many good reasons to come to school every day. Our children will find many more on their own. Our children are recognized and nurtured as they are our inheritance. Through active engagement in our myriad of programmes purposefully designed to develop them holistically, they grow from an innate self-consciousness to a greater sense of belonging as a community. They learn to love school and Zhenghua becomes their home as much as they are the reason there is a Zhenghua Primary School.

At Zhenghua we will inculcate in their early years, the 4 main school core values of Care, Respect, Responsibility and Integrity which are the basis for countless other values. Character development will come first in Zhenghua, for it is the very foundation where our children build upon their strengths, talents and abilities, in wanting to be the best that they can be. Therefore, in a safe school environment, they will learn and practise what right behavior is and unlearn what wrong behaviour is. This is where they will interact with their peers, older children and staff and prepare for their future in society and Singapore. 

Our 6-year journey will ensure that every child is exposed to an academically and culturally unique and vibrant Zhenghua experience. Reading and understanding is the key to a lifetime of learning in every knowledge domain. Zhenghua will be a place where your children will receive this key to unlock the doors to knowledge, education and opportunities. We at Zhenghua, believe that each child has his or her own natural abilities and strengths. Our niche is our Arts Education Programme where we will build upon your child’s innate strengths, whether it is music, arts or dance.  

Parents are important, necessary and instrumental in the education of our children at Zhenghua. Our parents are our partners and we will work closely with you to ensure that our children get the best both in school and at home.

We are a well-established school in our community and we have built excellent partnerships with our stakeholders over the past 26 years. We have knowledgeable, qualified and professional teachers and staff who will nurture our children. More important than that, we at ZHPS care and are committed to our children the minute he or she joins our family to provide a holistic educational experience so that our children will be the best that they can be.

Mrs Rita Dass

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