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Key Personnel

To contact the respective staff,
please call 67697478 followed by the Extension No.

P Pic with green border (final).jpg
Mrs Constance Loke

Mdm Patricia Sim
Vice-Principal (Acad)

Mr Ang Boon Chin
Vice-Principal (Admin)

Mdm Lim Lay Chin.jpg

Mdm Lim Lay Chin
(HOD English)
ext 302

Mdm Chai Huel Leng.JPG
Mdm Chai Huel Leng
(HOD Mathematics)
ext 307

Mr Chew Wai Leck Alex.JPG
Mr Alex Chew
(HOD Science)
ext 306

Mr Er Kim Hoe.jpg
Mr Er Kim Hoe
ext 301

Mdm Ma Yanying Claris.JPG
Mdm Ma Yanying, Claris
ext 308

Mrs Avinash Murugesuvari.JPG 
Mrs Avinash Murugesuvari
ext 303
 Mdm Evelyn Yeo Wan Gek.jpg
Mdm Evelyn Yeo
ext 305

Ms Poon Mei Ming F.png
Miss Poon Mei Ming
(HOD Curriculum & TM)
ext 304

Mr Faizal Bin Abdul Rahim.JPG
Mr Faizal Bin Abdul Rahim
ext 309

Mrs Audrey Yeoh.JPG
Mrs Audrey Yeoh
Year Head / Upper Primary
ext 572

Miss Maryanah Muhd Muzakir.JPG
Miss Maryanah Muhd Muzakir
Asst Year Head / Upper Primary
ext 566

Mrs Chong - Yee Lai Wan.JPG
Mrs Noelle Chong
Year Head / Middle Primary
ext 571

Mrs Lee Boon Kwang.jpg
Mrs Lee Boon Kwang
Year Head / Lower Primary
ext 570

Mr Mohd Faizal Razak.jpg
Mr Mohd Faizal Razak
Asst Year Head / Middle Primary
ext 565

Mdm Sieow Kim Lian
Asst Year Head / Lower Primary
ext 564

Miss Lee Wei Ai.JPG
Mdm Lee Wei Ai
Level Head / English
ext 577

Mdm Yew Ann Yee.jpg
Mdm Yew Ann Yee
Level Head / Mathematics
ext 580

Mdm Tan Phaik See.JPG
Mdm Tan Phaik See
Level Head / Chinese
ext 573

Mdm Khor Mei Zhen Nicole.JPG
Mdm Khor Mei Zhen, Nicole
Level Head / Chinese
ext 578

Mdm Suriyana Bte Ghapari.JPG
Mdm Suriyana Bte Ghapari
Subject Head / Malay 
ext 581

Mdm Geraldine Ang Lay Peng.JPG
Mdm Geraldine Ang
Subject Head / Art
ext 579

Mr Ng Teng Yik.JPG
Mr Ng Teng Yik
Subject Head / ICT
ext 583
Mdm Siti Nurashikin Bte Ajmain.JPG 
Mdm Siti N Bte Ajmain
Subject Head / I&E
ext 582

Mdm Ong Yan Joo.JPG
Mdm Ong Yan Joo
Subject Head / CCA
ext 562

Mdm Siti Manisah Bte Asat.JPG
Mdm Siti Manisah Bte As'at
Subject Head / Student
Support & Guidance
ext 563

Mr Lee Wen Hui Max F-W.jpg
Mr Lee Wen Hui, Max
Subject Head / Student
Mgt & Leadership
ext 561


Mdm Tanuja Raj.jpg
Mrs Tanuja Raj
Lead Teacher / Tamil
ext 506

Mr Loo Teng Kiat.jpg
Mr Loo Teng Kiat
Lead Teacher / Music
ext 511
Mr Goh Boon Tiong.jpg
Mr Goh Boon Tiong
Senior Teacher / PE
ext 513
Mdm Lem Li Kuen.JPG
Mdm Lem Li Kuen
Senior Teacher / Art
ext 518

Mr Zulkifli Bin Mansor.jpg
Mr Zulkifli Bin Mansor
Senior Teacher / Science
ext 524
Miss Sabrina Bte Samsuri.jpg
Miss Sabrina Bte Samsuri
Senior Teacher / Malay
ext 505