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Staff Sharing 2021

World Association of Lesson Studies 2021

    • a presentation on “Lesson Study – Enhancing Composition writing through the use of Micro-movie” by Mdm Nicole Khor, Mr Ng Teng Yik, Mr Ooi Soo Eng, Ms Sim Wenyan, Mdm Tan Phaik See, Ms Wong Soo Shan and Mdm Zhu Wencheng
    • a presentation on “Lesson Study - Teaching Mathematics through Problem-Solving with the use of Model drawing to improve students’ resilience in solving word problems” by Mdm Chai Huel Leng, Mr Chia Kwok Leong, Mr Mohd Fazli, Mdm Haryati Bte Mohalim, Mdm Kee Mei Zhu, Mdm Lim Shi Nan, Mdm Nur Khairunnisa , Mdm Neo Mei Fang, Mdm Tang Ai Wei and Ms Toh Soo Wah

West 5 English Language Champion Group
    • a presentation on “P2 Eat with your Family Day: an EL Authentic Learning Programme” by Ms Lee Wei Ai

West 5 Chinese Language Champion Group
    • a presentation on “P3 Self-Directed Learning Day’ by Mdm Nicole Khor, Mr Ng Teng Yik, Ms Sim Wenyan and Ms Wong Soo Shan
    • a presentation on “P6 Radio Play” by Mr Er Kim Hoe

11th National Language Seminar – The Vision of Arif Budiman: Pursuing Excellence in Teaching and Learning at Malay Language Centre of Singapore
    • a presentation on “Use of Annotation and Storytelling technique to enhance reading comprehension among students” by Mdm Nor Hazwani and Mdm Suriyana Bte Ghapari
    • a presentation on “Use of game-strategy and exit pass to increase the understanding of reading comprehension” by Mdm Hyeryanti Binte Suradi and Mdm Siti Nurashikin

Teacher –Led Workshop at Academy of Singapore Teachers
    • a presentation on “Engaging Learning, Joyful Learners at Flipgrid Classroom- Malay Language by Mdm Jumilah Binte Ahmad and Ms Sabrina Binte Samsuri

West Zone Teacher Leaders Committee Community of Practice - Differentiated Instruction In Tamil Language Classroom
    • a presentation on “The Effects of DI on Students Well-being and Social Inclusion” by Mrs Tanuja Raj

West Zone 5 & 6 Tamil Language Champion Groups
    • a presentation on “Use of e-books to inspire students to read” by Mrs Tanuja Raj, Mdm Jayanthi Krishnan and Mdm Remigius Victoria

West 5 Cluster Science Champion Group- Assessment
    • a presentation on “First Aid in Science Item Setting” by Mr Zulkifli Bin Mansor

W5 Network Learning Community
    • a presentation on “Differentiated Instruction in Science Class” by Mr Zulkifli Bin Mansor

Singapore Teachers’ Academy for the aRts – Vocalumni- Engaging with Songs Share Fair
    • a presentation on “Whole School Approach and Adaptation to Music Curriculum” by Mr Chua Liang Cun and Mdm Yvonne Yee

West Zone Centre of Excellence- Open Classroom for Music Beginning Teachers
    • a presentation on “Considerations and Strategies in the Design and Implementation of DI for Music Teachers” by Mr Loo Teng Kiat

West Zone STAR Champion Cluster Teacher Leader Learning Group – “Instructional Design Theories and Models”
    • a presentation on “Virtual Facilitation” by Mr Loo Teng Kiat

Zonal Sharing on Primary 4 Interdisciplinary Museum Based Learning
    • a presentation on “Designing an Art Student Learning Space (SLS) Lesson” by Mdm Lem Li Kuen

Professional Learning Fiesta 2021 by PESTA
    • a presentation on “Game for Bingo: a school wide approach towards healthy weight management” by Mr Mohd Faizal Razak, Mr Goh Boon Tiong, Ms Jolene Tan and Mdm Lim Min Chern

West 5 Cluster Sharing with PE Champion Group
    • a presentation on “School Weight Management Programme” by Ms Jolene Tan and Mr Goh Boon Tiong

West Zone Teacher Leaders Network
    • a presentation on “Differentiated Instruction” by Mr Goh Boon Tiong

Staff Achievements 2021

Name of Staff
Mr Er Kim Hoe
Academy Award for Professional Development 2021
Mr Loo Teng Kiat
Academy Award for Professional Development 2021
Mr Goh Boon Tiong
National Day Award: The Long Service Medal (2020)
Mdm Noreha Bte Mohd Tahib
National Day Award: The Long Service Medal (2020)
Miss Poon Mei Ming
President’s Award for Teachers (PAT) 2020, Finalist