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Community Partners

Community Partnership aligned to CDC’s Strategic ThrustsPartnership with Bukit Panjang Community & North West District:

The school adopts the fundamental philosophy that ‘it takes a whole village to raise a child’ and undertakes the key approach in forging of a closer direct relationship with the Bukit Panjang Community through the Community Club. Hence, it has aligned its community partnership by adopting the North West CDC’s ABC Model:
    A- Assisting the Needy
    B- Bonding the people
    C- Connecting the Community

Through active engagement with the community it serves, the students learn to empathize with and be equipped to serve the neighbourhood and its residents and the large community whole-heartedly. Thus, through collaborative efforts, key strategic events like Bukit Panjang National Day Observance Ceremony, festive celebrations, Arts@Bukit Panjang and Zhenghua and Bukit Panjang Passion Arts Festival cum Racial Harmony Day become essential platforms for the school to prepare students to work with and through the community so that they understand the uniqueness of Singapore and develop a strong sense of pride and affection for their community and nation as a result.