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Principal’s Message

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Dear Students, Parents and Friends of Zhenghua Primary School (ZHPS)

I am honored to succeed Mrs Rita Dass as the fifth Principal of ZHPS and build on her excellent work and that of her predecessors over the years. The ZHPS vision, mission, philosophy, motto and values resonate with me and there is much that I admire about our school.

At ZHPS, every child matters. We love, value and accept our students for who they are and seek to bring out the best in them. We believe that, with effort, our students can learn and are capable of achieving their personal best. We are committed to nurturing the whole child in a safe, warm and vibrant learning environment -- our ZHPS total curriculum prepares our students for life, not just for exams. We want our students to enjoy coming to school, to feel that ZHPS is their second home. We feel we have succeeded in fulfilling our school vision and mission if, at the end of Primary 6, our students have fond memories of their years in ZHPS, they feel loved and supported, they have experienced the joy of learning and have been equipped to learn for life; they have grown in character and leadership and are self-directed learners, confident communicators and collaborators, critical and creative thinkers who are able to give back to the society and make a difference. These are the qualities that we believe will enable our students to live a meaningful and fulfilling life as good and useful citizens.

When our school celebrated our 30th anniversary, I asked our staff what is distinctive and enduring about ZHPS over the years. Our caring culture, our belief in our students, the excellent teamwork of committed staff and our vibrant learning environment with opportunities for students to develop their interests and talents, our strengths in the creative arts – these are hallmarks of the ZHPS educational experience that has endured over the years.

A positive culture and committed staff are key ingredients to the success of any institution. I believe our school has grown from strength to strength over the decades because we have passionate, dedicated staff who go the extra mile for our students. Our teachers are committed to their professional growth and engage in collaborative learning and innovation so that our students can learn in ways that are meaningful and engaging. Indeed, I feel blessed to be working with such a committed and capable team in ZHPS. Our school believes that parents are our partners and a meaningful collaboration with our parents supports our pupils’ holistic development. Our students will benefit the most when we (both parents and the school) put them at the heart of what we do, and work together to bring out the best in them. We also believe that 'it takes a whole village to raise a child'. Hence, we collaborate with the Bukit Panjang Community Club to provide our students with opportunities to serve the Bukit Panjang community and develop a sense of belonging to their community and to Singapore.

I look forward to the support of our partners-in-education in the holistic education of our students. Let us all strive to bring out the best in our students and let us all endeavour to be

The Best That We Can Be

Mrs Constance Loke