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Allied Educators

To contact the respective staff,
please call 67697478 followed by the Extension No.

Mdm Annu Ratha D/O Jayaram
(Senior School Counsellor)
Email: annu_ratha_jayaram@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 574
Ms Toh Mui Hua Catherine
(School Counseller)
Email: toh_mui_hua_catherine@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 574
Mr Mohd Alighouse S/O Md Sidique
(Senior Special Educational Needs Officer )
Email: mohd_alighouse_mohd_sidique@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 526
Mrs Isabel Chan
(Teaching & Learning)
Email: isabel_lim_shiow_fong@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 540
Mdm Shilka Quraisha
(Special Educational Needs Officer)
Email: shilka_quraisha_shaiful_bahri@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 526
Mdm Rasimah Mohamed Isa
(Special Educational Needs Officer)
Email: rasimah_mohamed_isa@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 525
Ms Siti Radhiana Agustina Binte Rohaini
(Special Educational Needs Officer)
Email: siti_radhiana_agustina_roh@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 525