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Admin & SAT

To contact the respective staff,
please call 67697478 followed by the Extension No.

Mr Loh Yuen Fong ,Eric
Administration Manager
Email: low_yuen_fong@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 201
Mr Chia Yeo Hau
Operations Manager
Email: chia_yeo_hau@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 203
Mr Shah Irwan Sazali
Adjunct OM
Email: shah_irwan_sazali@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 202
Mdm Suzie Miranti
Administration Executive
Email: suzie_miranti_razali@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 210
Mdm Chua Bee Ching
Administration Executive (MK @Zhenghua)
Email: chua_bee_ching@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 271
Mr Chan Hoe Yin
ICT Manager
Email: chan_hoe_yin@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 582
Mrs. Kalivaradhan Bargavi
ICT Associate
Email: bargavi_kalivaradhan@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 526
Mdm Yati
Corporate Support Officer
Email: marhayati_saadon@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 205
Mdm Joelle Ang Hsiao Chiah
Corporate Support Officer
Email: ang_hsiao_chiah@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 206
Mr Cheong Ye Ching
Desktop Engineer (DE)
Extn: 575
Mr Jasper
Desktop Engineer (DE)
Extn: 575
Mdm Joan Aliena Chia
Library Assistant
Email: chia_soo_long_aliena@moe.edu.sg
Extn: 547
Mdm Rosilah Osman
Technical Assistant (Science & Math)
Extn: 548 & 529
Ms. Shanthi D/O Amavasai
Technical Assistant (English & Art)
Extn: 536
Mdm Lim Hum Chai, Lily
Operations Support Officer
Mr Ang Leng Yang
Operations Support Officer
Mdm Manisah Bte Ibrahim
Operations Support Officer
Miss Goh Bee Tin
Operations Support Officer
Mr Lew Men Fah
Operations Support Officer
Ms. Tan Chio Mui
Operations Support Officer