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Our History

Zhenghua Primary School was established in 1989, with a student population of 560 and a teaching staff of 28. The school was named after the former Cheng Hwa Public School, which was closed in 1985 after 44 years of history. The school was housed temporarily at Keming Primary School whilst the new premise was built. The new premises at Fajar Road were formally handed over on 4th November 1989 and the school population moved in on 30th November 1989. In 2005, the school underwent PRIME and was held at a holding site in May 2006 with new facilities to deliver quality education to our students. After the completion of our recent upgrading in December 2020, the school now has a performing arts auditorium, dance studio, band room, an art gallery, an indoor sports hall, a running track, new fitness area and outdoor experiential learning areas. These additional facilities add to the vibrancy of the holistic learning experiences we design for our students. In 2021, we welcomed our first batch of kindergarten students from MK@Zhenghua

Our school has grown from strength to strength over the years, but what has remained unchanged is our culture of care, our teachers’ dedication and professional excellence and our commitment to nurture the whole child in a vibrant learning environment. Under the leadership of 5 principals – Mr Chan Kok Min, Mdm Lee Tee Choon, Mr Koh Chin Tong, Mdm Rita Raj Lal and the current principal, Mrs Constance Loke, the school has grown to be a primary school with a student population of 1400 primary school students, 220 kindergarten students and a staff strength of more than 140.

Over the years, the school has won many awards in the performing and visual arts. It has also been recognised by the Ministry of Education and National Arts Council for its excellence in arts education. The school has also received multiple green awards from the Singapore Environment Council and National Environment Agency for its efforts in championing green living.

Our teachers engage in curriculum innovation and Lesson Study. Each year, they conduct professional sharing and present papers at national and international platforms. The professional excellence of our outstanding teachers has also been recognised at the national level. Notable awards include the Distinguished Chinese Language Teacher Award and Arif Budiman Malay Language Teacher Award, the highest national award for Malay Language Teachers.

(a) Our Distinguished Programme: Creative Arts Education

Our strengths in the creative arts is a school tradition that we are proud of. Over the years, we have developed a distinctive approach to the arts that involves learning in and through the arts. Students learn to appreciate different art forms and cultures, express themselves creatively and serve the community through arts performances and arts outreach programmes. Our thematic approach to the arts enables students at each level to see connections across Music, Art and Dance. Drama techniques are infused in our English Language and Mother Tongue Language lessons to support language learning. Our Applied Learning Programme, Inter-disciplinary Museum-based Learning programme (in collaboration with the National Gallery Singapore) and Self-Directed Learning Days provide our students with opportunities to make connections across disciplines, express themselves creatively and learn through the arts.

(b) Our Distinguished Programme : Applied Learning Programme - Advocates and Innovators for Sustainable Living

Our Applied Learning Programme (ALP) engages our students in inter-disciplinary, inquiry-based learning and value creation to advocate for sustainable living and address authentic community problems. The ALP has given our students more opportunities to be active citizens and use their knowledge, skills and abilities to make a difference to their school, home, community and nation. Outcomes of the ALP include higher levels of student engagement and motivation, greater self-directed learning and the development of students’ 21st century competencies and sense of agency. They are beginning to understand that they have a voice and are never too young to make a difference.

In our brief history of more than 30 years, students who have graduated from here to further education and have developed lifelong skills in physical, intellectual, emotional and social domains. They have become useful, productive and contributing citizens of our nation. We are very proud of all our graduates. All these achievements bear testimony to the school motto, ‘The Best That We Can Be’ and the emphasis on the development of the whole child.

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