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Innovation & Enterprise (I&E)

Vision: Enrich, Explore, Excite@ZHPS

The I&ECommittee strives to enrich our staff and students with knowledge and skills, provide room for exploration and excite them building the intrinsic motivation to keep trying and re-perceive challenges as  opportunities.

We follow design thinking approach and use two key tools - questioning techniques and SCAMPER - in our continuous effort to be innovative and enterprising.

4 Channels of Impact 
Innovative Curriculum
Innovative Environment
Innovative System and Structures
Innovative Contributions to Community

We strive to value add through these 4 key channels - curriculum, environment, systems & structures and contributions to community - in our pursuit to enhance the holistic development of our staff and students.

MOE ExcelFest 2017

P1-P4 Teachers attended MOE ExcelFest 2017 to gain some ideas by going around the exhibition hall and attending the sharing session. Before going around, they gathered to support the booth put up by our Zhenghua Family!

Moe excelfest 2017.jpg

MOE ExcelFest - Innergy Award 2017

And of course, we are proud to celebrate Innergy Award 2017 - Bronze awarded to Zhenghua Primary School for the project 'Flipped with Distinction'.

Don't forget to check us out on the Innovation Adoption Platform!
Moe excelfest innergy award 1.jpg

Moe excelfest innergy award 2.jpg

Innovation for Students

iClass 2017
The iClass programme was founded in 2014 with the objective to inculcate micro-level innovation; that is innovation starts from each individual class.

After the Staff review in 2016, the iClass programme is reconceptualized to impact on three key areas, class improvement, school improvement and product creation.

The P5 students have kick-started this new programme with the Science Innovation Project. Students are given the opportunity to engage in inquiry -based learning and use science experiments to analyze their hypothesis. Students are also given the opportunity to connect the science concepts learnt, extend their learning and challenge old ideas by creating new products.



I&E Talk

IandE 1.png

IandE 2.png

During the pre-assembly I&E Talk, students were given opportunities to create products based on innovation tool that is being presented.

term 4 Pic 3.JPG
Term 4 Pic 1.JPG

Term 4 Pic 2.JPG

In term 4, we celebrate students' creative inventions that they have created throughout the course of the whole year. The Primary 1 students shared on their creative inventions that are beneficial for their class while the Primary 2 students shared the creation of innovative orchids that symbolise their group identity. The Primary 3 and 4 students have created innovative recycling bins and continue to promote the culture of recycling in the school.

Innovation for Staff
Innovation Staff Development
 The Committee has revisited questioning techniques and SCAMPER and align this to the design thinking approach. The Art and Science Department shared on how Questioning Techniques and SCAMPER  is used in their  inquiry-based programmes that sparks critical and inventive thinking.


Team Excellence Assesment

The School participates in Team Excellence Assesment(previously known as IQC) yearly to validate our innovation processes.

Team Excellence Award 2017:

ScienceDeveloping Scientific Reasoning And Communication Skills in StudentsGold
Art & MusicLearning, The Artful Thinking Way Gold
IPW Developing Socio-Emotional and Communications Skills in Primary 1 Students Gold

Team Excellence Award 2016:




Read, Reap & Write 



To improve the  effectiveness of staff in managing Overseas Learning Programme



Weight Management Programme


To improve the process of managing Sports CCA for better outcomes 


Innergy Award 2016 - Bronze
Zhenghua Primary School has been awarded Innergy Award 2016 - Bronze for the project 
"Flipped with Distinction"

P1 & P2 Assembly Programme: 101 forms of our palm or palms.

In the Assembly Programme, students are exposed the tool CAMP which is extracted from the tool SCAMPER. Student use this innovation tool to create a variation of their palm or palms.

Put to Other Use


Integrated Project Work

     P1 – P4 students are also involved in team innovation through Integrated Project Work. In-line with the I&E Philosophy, students get to explore and research for information. And, student dare to share ideas and create new products. 

IPW 1.jpgExploration – Students went on a Learning Journey to the zoo (in-line with the English Language syllabus)
IPW 2.jpgExploration – Students search for more information at the computer lab.
IPW 3.jpgStudents dare to create new products.

Students Suggestion

Students give suggestions for school improvement through the problem solving activity. In 2015, this programme is pegged to the P3 level. Problems that are seen happening around the school are posed by the teachers. Students give ideas on possible solutions to these ideas.

Thematic Suggestion Challenge is open to all students every term. Students are able to propose ideas for school improvement. Themes are pegged to the 4 Innovation Pillars.

Innovation for Staff

Innovation Projects

In the pursuit for continuous improvement, Innovation Projects are done by every department in the school lead by the respective Key Personnels and Innovation Representatives using the customised DA2TE@ZHPS tool which is aligned to the PIER and PDCA approach to monitor the department’s innovation processes.

Innovation Staff Development Programmes

To build the staff capacity to innovate, staff go through professional development programmes such as Innovation Tools & Processes,  Creative-Problem Solving, IQC Tools, Processes and Report Writing.



Creative Problem Solving

Professional Sharing

Professional sharings are done by our school teachers within and beyond the school. Staff participate in external sharing at cluster, zonal and national level to share innovative pedagogies with other members of the fraternity. In addition, the school also participates in WALS yearly to share our innovative pedagogies with the international community.

Team Excellence Symposium

The school participates in Team Excellence Symposium (previously known as NIQC) yearly to benchmark our innovation processes.


Team Excellence Award 2015:

MLTo increase quality passes in Oral ComponentGOLD
SWSNPlease (Play and Learn Social Etiquette)GOLD
 TLTo improve students’ reading skills in Tamil Language Oral Examination       GOLD
CCE ViA for the community  GOLD
 ADMINTo improve the administrative and operational process   GOLD