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Innovation & Enterprise (I&E)

Enrich, Explore, Excite @ZHPS

The I&E Committee strives to
enrich our staff and students with knowledge and skills, provide platforms to explore and excite them by building their intrinsic motovation to keep trying and re-perceive challenges as opportunities.


We follow design thinking approach. We continue to use two key tools – questioning techniques and SCAMPER – in our continuous effort to be innovative and enterprising.


In our pursuit to enhance the holistic development of our staff and students, we strive to value add through these 4 key areas:

·        Innovative Curriculum
·        Innovative Environment
·        Innovative Systems & Structures
·        Innovative Contributions to community

Innovation for Students

Innovation programme for students seeks to inculcate the innovation mind-set in our students. The I&E team is collaborating with the Science Department to provide a platform to allow students to tinker and create. Students are given the opportunity to engage in inquiry-based learning and use science experiments to analyze their hypothesis. Students are also given the opportunity to connect the science concepts learnt, extend their learning and challenge old ideas by creating new products.

Empathize & Define.jpgIdeate.jpg

Culture of Reflection.jpg 

Pre-Assembly 1.jpg
Pre-Assembly 2.jpg

During the pre-assembly I&E Talk, students are given opportunities to create creative products based on innovation tool that is being presented.

Pre-Assembly 3.jpegPre-Assembly 4.jpgPre-Assembly 5.jpg

Students are given the opportunity to share on their creative inventions.

Innovation for Staff

Innovation Staff Development 

The Committee has revisited questioning techniques and SCAMPER and align this to the design thinking approach. The Art and Science Department shared on how Questioning Techniques and SCAMPER is used in their inquiry-based programmes that sparks critical and inventive thinking.

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