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ICT Department Programmes

The school has designed a set of ICT programmes that would help to enhance the pupils' ICT experiences while at the same time engage them in their learning. Below is a diagram of our available ICT programmes.



ICT Rep's Training

In Term 2, a total of 21 students turned up for our ICT Rep Training. ICT Reps were trained to handle the ICT equipments in the classrooms and ensure safety steps were taken when handling them. Basic introduction of projector control panel were shared with the reps before they engaged in hands-on session. At the end of the training, students had a better understanding of their role and how they can help to assist the classroom teacher.

ICT Rep Training 2.jpg
ICT Rep Training.jpg

Assembly talk on ICT Room Safety & Responsible use of Social Media

An assembly talk on ICT Rooms Safety & Responsible Use of Social Media was conducted on 18th Jan . Students were informed of the importance of safety in both the physical and cyber environment. It is important for our students to understand safe and responsible use of the social media. On 20th February , we were glad to have Touch Community Services sharing with us on the topic of Cyberwellness. After the talk, students have a better understanding on whey we need to practise Cyberwellness.

ICT 2017-1.jpg

ICT 2017-2.jpg

Code for Fun Programme

This year our Primary 3 students were given the opportunity to participate in the Code for Fun Enrichment Programme. This Programme is a collaboration effort between IDA and MOE, with the purpose to increase students’ exposure to coding and computational thinking.  The programme also enhances creative and logical thinking which helps in their cognitive development through hands-on multi-sensory learning.  During the course of their lessons, they have made use of the coding programme Scratch and mOway mini-robot.  Students were engaged and enjoyed the programme tremendously.