Student Leadership

In Zhenghua Primary School, every student is a Leader .  We provide opportunities for students to experience and learn what a leader is. We have 3 layers of approach in leadership.

They are Self-Leadership, Peer-Leadership and Team-Leadership.


We believe that everyone is a leader on their own. Each student made responsible decision to guide themselves through life.

Zhenghua guides the students to set DIRECTION, plan and execute with DISCIPLINE and overcome obstacles by being DARING. This Self-Leadership formula enables them to set goals and work towards them in both academic and non-academic areas.

The PSLE Journey is a special one for all Zhenghua students. In P6, all students go through the Nothing But The Best programme which consists of a three-day workshop, weekly talks and special sessions conducted by school staff and invited speakers/ trainers. This programme sharpens their Self-Leadership skills to prepare them holistically to go through the next lap of their education.


Every student is given a chance to be a leader among their peers.  This is achieved in classroom as well as CCA.

Each student is given a leadership role in a classroom setting and with the rotation of leadership roles once a term or semester, every student will be able to experience peer-leadership among their classmates.

Leadership roles are also awarded to students who exhibit strong leadership in CCA. These leaders performed well in their respective CCA and still able to display leadership quality. Guided by their CCA teachers, these leaders are able to step up and lead the CCA members.


Students who show potential will be stretched to further develop their leadership skills. They will be selected to become Prefects who will lead the school in various activities.  Prefects will go the Student Leadership Challenge training to enhance their leadership ability.

They will be able to practice each competency in various platforms in school to enable them to understand the role of a leader.

The Prefects are also embarking on a journey to be independent with guidance from the teachers. Eventually, the Prefects will be a body on their own, this will allow them to be independent and self-motivated learner in life.

HeadPrefectInvestitureCeremony_20022017 (13).JPGHeadPrefectInvestitureCeremony_20022017 (18).JPG