Science Department Programmes

The Science Department aims to nurture creative and values-driven learners with a life-long passion for science. Through our programmes and initiatives, as well as the provision of varied teaching & learning resources, we hope to deepen our learners' love for Science and cultivate a healthy inquiring mind about the things around them.


Every student has a lively curiosity about Science in their daily life, the environment and the society.


To guide students in acquiring scientific knowledge, concepts and methodologies, develop process skills in scientific inquiry and inculcate attitudes and ethics to engage in science-related issues as an active contributor and reflective citizen.


Teaching Science as inquiry goes beyond presenting facts and scientific concepts. Students are provided opportunities to ask questions and are actively engaged in the collection and use of scientific evidence and formulate explanation based on scientific knowledge.

Teachers carry out the inquiry-based approach through hands-on learning, in realistic contexts for students to make connections with their own lives and environment in which they live.

Teachers use a variety of strategies to facilitate this inquiry process such as:

    • Field trip
    • Demonstrations & Investigations
    • Concept cartoons
    • Concept mapping
    • Projects, model making
    • Role play, drama, stories

Programmes & Activities

Science Fair - Every Zhenghua student is an academically vibrant student.



                   Primary 5 students explaining how the                            Primary 4 students trying out the science toy,                             tornado in the bottle works                                          Steady Hand game, made by the Primary 5 girls.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

3.JPG                                           The students proudly presenting their science toy.

4.JPG                                               BOOM! They have used common substances to make a volcano.                                           
5.JPG                                       Recycled materials can be used to make a Science toy.
                                                                                      Well done, girls!

Primary 3 Learning Journey to Gardens by the Bay 

6.JPG                                          The guide explaining the unique characteristics of plants.

7.JPG                             A visit to our famous Gardens to let our young ones learn more about
                                           Singapore's achievements - Strengthening the Singapore spirit.    

Primary 5 Learning Journey to NEWater Visitor Centre

01.JPG                                 The guide explaining the process of producing NEWater.


                               Primary 5 students at the stations using the IPods