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Parent Support Group


The Logo And Vision

The logo encapsulates the spirit of parents and school partnership where a child is able to aspire and grow to be the best that they can be under a caring & nurturing environment afforded by the collaborative efforts of parents & teachers, together with the community.

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Our Mission

Through quality partnership with the school and active collaboration with staff and community, we strengthen the holistic development of every child of Zhenghua to be the best that they can be.

“Every Parent A Supportive Partner”

We believe that Parents can be our valuable partners in contributing towards strengthening the holistic development of our children. Zhenghua Primary School would like to cordially invite you to be a member of the Parent Support Group (PSG). We strongly encourage you to play an active role in our school by becoming a PSG member to partner us in our efforts to develop our children to be the best that they can be.

Mrs Rita Dass
Mdm Sim Ee Koon Patricia
Mr Kim Er Hoe
HOD Mother Tongue

Teachers In-Charge

Mdm Tan Phaik See
Mrs Avinash Murugesuvari
Miss Maryanah Muhd Muzakir
Mr Alex Chew



Parents Support Group Steering Committee

ChairmanVice ChairmanVice ChairmanSecretarySecretary
Mdm Jowena LimMrs Raj Vimala BaiMdm Norhayati NoorhanMdm Jen Lili LimMdm Tan Ping Ping

Mdm Lim Hooi BinMdm Charlene LowMdm Carey ChanMdm  Jenny Goh
Mr S.RajinikanthMdm Siti azizahMdm Valerie ChuaMrs Agustina Servino
Mdm SairabanuMrs Gail AngMdm Fauziah OsmanMdm Sandra Ang
 Mrs Lavanya PrabaMdm Arliana AdnanMdm Zhai AuMdm Hafizah Binti Mohammad
 Mdm Amelia GohMr Mohammad
Mr Jonathan LohMdm Audrey Leong
 Mdm Vivian TanMdm Winnie YongMdm P. Indera K. Dali (Indy)  

Activities / Project 2017
  • Factory Tour
  • Goodwill Aid
  • Love Sharing
  • Library Duties
  • Team Bonding
  • Plank Art Painting
  • Breakfast with Dads
  • PALM during recess
  • Reading stories with Dad
  • Parents' Day Celebration
  • P1- P6 Youth Olympic Day
  • Mother Tongue Reading Mums
  • "Together We Pass it On" Project
  • Term 1 to Term 4 iCart Decoration
  • Learning Journey @SDC with Dads
  • Who Push Humpty Dumpty Off the Wall
  • Kindness Begin With Me - Tribute to Pioneer
  • SingaPlorer Card Games for P6(post-PSLE Programme)

Bringing Back The Old Times.JPGP4 Camp.JPG
Bringing back the Old Times

P4 Camp

P5 & P6 Youth Olympic Day.JPGPreparing Five Stones.JPG
 P5 & P6 Youth Olympic

Preparing Five Stones
Reading Mum.JPGReading Mum 

Team Bonding.JPGTeam Bonding 

Together We Pass It On Project.JPGTribute to Our Pioneers.JPG
 Together We Pass it On Tribute to Our Pioneers